The sound bath of the crystal bowls was delightful and healing. The sound penetrated my body in a very deep way allowing me to gently shift into a lighter space. The transformation was both enjoyable and relaxing. Cece expertly made the whole experience fun and it is something I would whole-heartedly recommend.
Jo Alexis Bronstein Mishaga, Singer/Songwriter, Portland, OR
To put it plain and simple. W O W ! I found my body and mind transported to several unknown destinations during the session last night. As I would be transferred from one pleasant location in time and space Cecilia would tone out and change vibrational patterns and I would leave the space I was in only to find more pleasantries in mind. This happened three times and at the end of the session I remained in another state for more than a few minutes. THANK YOU CECILIA for the opportunity to fly with you! You are NOW FREE TO MOVE ABOUT THE UNIVERSE. No need to fasten the restraints, just lie back and go with the sound and sights. NAMASTE Steve
Steve F., Scappoose, OR
I feel amazing I can’t describe it yet. I feel lighter and things are brighter. My neck and shoulders feel like they’ve been unchained. Totally blissed out. Thank you Cecilia Villalon. That was incredible.
Kip S., Portland, OR
I recently had a “sound bath” session with Cecilia Villalon. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but I have always believed that all matter is made of sound waves– so I wanted to see what would happen if we used specially-created instruments to create masses of sound vibrations. Well, as soon as Cecilia started to play her seven singing crystal bowls– right next to me as I relaxed on a mat, I felt waves of relaxation flood my body. The haunting melodies emanating from the bowls was itself hypnotic — and I soon fell into a very deep state of relaxation–followed by profound feelings of joy…and peace. Once the session was over, I was surprised that only an hour had gone by as I had lost all sense of time– and I was left with a feeling of comfort–and bliss that stayed with me long after the session, I cannot wait to have another one!
Lara Zuniga, Anaheim, CA
I left my first ever sound bath feeling relaxed and centered. It was amazing how meditating on each tone brought about different feelings and emotions. Cumulatively, they were a symphony that soothed my soul. Thank you, Cecilia!
Amanda D, Portland, OR
I really enjoyed the Sound Bath experience. It is a great way to relax, let go and rejuvenate the mind and body. I’d highly recommend trying it if you haven’t already!
Ann Marie M., Portland, OR
I had never had a sound bath before. Wasn’t really sure what to expect. But before long I was immersed in the beautiful sounds and feeling them swirling around me. Afterwards I felt light headed and a bit unsteady. I was very relaxed and just wanted to curl up and rest. It was a wonderful experience.
Julieanne C., Ventura, CA
I really enjoyed the vibration of the crystal bowls. It was soothing and centering and it slowed down my mind’s thought process delivering me into a state of tranquility and spaciousness. I very much recommend this experience!
Sarah A., Portland, OR
I arrived at the sound bath a little stressed out and tired. I was surprised at how I was able to focus on the sounds and allow my body to relax. By the time I left, I felt brighter and more calm. I would definitely repeat this experience.
Melissa H., Portland, OR
The sound experience made me feel like I would normally feel after getting a massage, extremely relaxed and calm. It’s amazing that I can feel this way without getting a massage. So that was pretty neat.
Eileen D., Forest Grove, OR
Going into the session with the crystal singing bowls, I thought it would be more of a musical performance than anything else. However, once Cecilia started creating melody with the various tones the bowls produced I entered a profound meditative state. It was a perfect fusion of beautiful sound and deep relaxation! The best part about the bowls? All you need to do is relax, sit back, and just enjoy! The meditation and stress release comes organically.
J. Whyte, Ojai, CA